Things to Consider When Choosing a Data Logger

choosing-a-data-loggerThere are many factors to consider when selecting the right data logging solution for your specific needs and application. MadgeTech offers top of the line data loggers, accessories, systems and advanced data logging software. Since MadgeTech engineers and manufactures all of the data loggers they sell, the knowledgeable sales and support staff can guide you to the perfect data logger solution.

Things to Consider about Data Logging

Which parameters will you need to monitor? Just temperature, or maybe temperature and humidity? To address a wide variety of needs, MadgeTech has developed data loggers to measure and record one or more of the following parameters: temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, pressure, shock, voltage, pulse and more. MadgeTech technical sales representatives can walk through your application process with you and determine if combining parameters within one device is a benefit for you.

Do you need a data logger to survive extreme temperatures, submersion or harsh environments? The engineers at MadgeTech have developed data loggers that are designed to perform optimally in extreme environments. Additionally, there are a selection of data logger cases, enclosures and systems that can extend the operating environment even more.

How long will the data logger need to be deployed? This gets into the critical area of battery life and reading memory capacity. MadgeTech has designed loggers with a battery life that can last up to 10 years under certain conditions. Most data loggers have the capacity to store upwards of 30,000 time and date stamped readings, with some loggers having the ability to store over 1 million readings. Many loggers are also equipped with memory wrap capabilities, a feature configurable in the software.

Do you need real time or wireless monitoring? Real time and remote data monitoring are capabilities that MadgeTech offers for a wide range of wireless data logger models. Most MadgeTech wireless models are MadgeTech Cloud compatible which gives businesses an around the clock instant view of temperature, humidity, pressure, or CO2 data from any computer or mobile device with internet access.

Do you need advanced reporting, NIST traceable calibration or secure software to meet compliance needs? The MadgeTech staff are up to date with the most recent regulations requiring data loggers. Their expertise in this area combined with the ability to offer comprehensive tools and services, keeps your facility confident and compliant with ease.

These are just a few of the things that need to be factored in when selecting the ideal data logging solution for the job.