Therm.Alert.RH Data Logger

Precision wireless humidity and temperature data logger

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Product Description

The MadgeTech Therm•A•Lert-RH data logger is a humidity and temperature monitoring and alarming system. Designed specifically for laboratories, warehouses and other environmentally monitored spaces, the Therm•A•Lert-RH provides real time wireless notifications of humidity levels as well as temperature.This data logger features user programmable alarms that can be configured to send an alert on-screen, via text message (standard SMS rates apply), or via e-mail if an alarm condition is met. The Therm•A•Lert-RH data logger is equipped with two-way wireless communication, meaning that one PC can provide control and communication to all the wireless loggers within range. The system can also be divided into smaller subnets (using a different RF channel).

In addition to the data being transmitted wirelessly, the Therm•A•Lert-RH also stores each reading to non-volatile internal memory for secure backup. Users can also set up automatic archiving in order to assure that all data is saved and retained to comply with federal regulations.