Therm.Alert.P Data Logger

Precision Wireless Temperature Data Logger with external probe

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Product Description

The MadgeTech Therm•A•Lert-P is a temperature monitoring and alarming system, designed specifically for laboratories, warehouses and other environments where temperature monitoring is critical. The system can be used to monitor a single location, or expanded to monitor hundreds of locations over a broad area (additional MadgeTech wireless loggers and transceivers may be required).

The Therm•A•Lert-P provides real time wireless, or wired, notification of temperature. The data logger features user programmable alarms that can be configured to send a message via text message (standard SMS rates apply), on-screen alarm and/or via e-mail if an alarm condition is met. The standard Therm•A•Lert-P includes an RTD probe with a 9 ft lead wire and a 4.5 in probe sheath.

The Therm•A•Lert-P device is equipped with two-way wireless communication. MadgeTech wireless systems offer a flexible and robust integration for many applications. One PC can provide control and communication to all the wireless loggers within range, or the system can be divided into smaller subnets (using a different RF channel). In addition to the data being transmitted wirelessly, the Therm•A•Lert-P also stores each reading to non-volatile internal memory for a secure backup. Customers can set up automatic archiving preferences, ensuring all data is saved and retained to comply with federal regulations.

The Therm•A•Lert-P probe can be mounted inside an ethylene glycol bottle. When placed in a chamber, the temperature of the ethylene glycol is measured rather than air temperature. This more accurately represents the temperature of the contents inside the chamber, and prevents false alarm triggers when the chamber door is opened and closed. The glycol bottles are available in 30 ml, 60 ml and 250 ml sizes.