RFC1000 Cloud Relay


MadgeTech Cloud Services Data Logging Hub for use with the RFOT, Therm-A-lert and RF2000A Series of Data Loggers

Product Description

The RFC1000 Cloud Relay is a compact, versatile device connecting MadgeTech wireless loggers directly to the cloud, eliminating the need for a central PC. With the RFC1000 Cloud Relay, real-time data can easily be transmitted to the MadgeTech Cloud, where it can be viewed from any internet enabled device.

The simple design of the RFC1000 Cloud Relay allow for it to be seamlessly integrated into wireless data logging systems. Featuring a seven inch pivoting antenna, the RFC1000 Cloud Relay can be easily wall mounted or placed on any flat surface.

Connecting directly to an Ethernet port allows for seamless cloud connectivity without the need for a computer. Each RFC1000 Cloud Relay can transmit data from up to 64 wireless data loggers, with no limit on the number of Cloud Relays that can be connected to a cloud account, allowing for simple viewing of all data from around the world.

All data is stored in the cloud, with the option to download and print CSV files for easy record keeping and further analysis.