TransiTempII Data Logger

Highly economical, Cold Chain/Perishables, Temperature Data Logger. Features a Magnetic Wand start, and LED indicators for status, warning, and alarm limits.

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Product Description

The TransiTempII is a low cost, splash proof temperature data logger featuring a highly precise semiconductor temperature sensor and an ABS plastic enclosure. This affordable, NIST traceable device is ideal for monitoring and recording the temperature of all types of perishable products, including food items and medical/pharmaceutical goods, both in storage and in transit.

Program the TransiTempII for an immediate start or a delayed start for up to 30 days. The device can also be started by use of a magnetic wand. Because there are no buttons on this logger, there is no risk of it being accidentally stopped or started.

The reading rate can be set anywhere between once every five seconds to once every thirty minutes. The total reading capacity of the TransiTempII is 32,767 data points, one of the highest reading limits of all such loggers on the market today. For increased understanding of events that impact recorded temperatures, users can “mark” data points with a quick wave of the magnetic wand. Three status LED indicators alert the user to the temperature status, with green signaling safe conditions, yellow indicating that warning limits have been exceeded, and red denoting that alarm limits have been exceeded.

Two of the most outstanding features of the TransiTempII are the available docking station (sold separately) and the accompanying free software. To download data, simply slip the logger into the docking station and select “Download Data.” After download, the software’s clear, easy-to-read graphs and data tables are automatically created and ready to use. Temperature data may be shown in degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin or Rankine. More complex analyses, such as Mean Kinetic Temperature, can be performed with just one click of the mouse, while users needing to perform additional analyses can easily export data to MS Excel®.