pHTemp2000 Data Logger

pH and Temperature Data Logger with an LCD (Wall mounted power adapter included).

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Product Description

The pHTemp2000 is a battery powered, stand alone pH and temperature data logger with an LCD. This all-in-one compact, portable, easy to use device will measure and record data up to 131,071 readings per channel. The pHTemp2000 will directly connect to many commonly used pH and ORP electrodes through a female BNC connector mounted on its side. Temperature is measured by directly connecting an RTD to the pHTemp2000. Temperature compensation is automatically done internally to the unit.

The storage medium is non-volatile solid state memory, providing maximum data security even if the battery becomes discharged. The device can be started and stopped directly from your computer. The pHTemp2000 makes data retrieval quick and easy. Simply plug the data logger into an empty com port and our user-friendly software does the rest. The pHTemp2000 comes with a wall mounted universal power adapter.

Probe sold separately.