TempRetrieverRH Data Logger

Temperature and Humidity Recorder

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Product Description

The TempRetrieverRH is a low cost, reusable, humidity and temperature data logger. No external probes are required to achieve its high performance as both the humidity and temperature sensors are internal to the device. The device can record up to 16,383 readings in its non-volatile memory and coupled with up to a one year battery life, this makes for the perfect temperature and humidity data logger when keeping down costs is paramount.

The MadgeTech software includes a full host of features that allow the user to set the start method (i.e. pushbutton, delayed start or immediate start), start date and time, sample rate, high/low alarm limits, 6-character device ID and a 16-character extended ID. Data can be offloaded and displayed in most common temperature and humidity units. The software will also automatically calculate Mean Kinetic Temperature, dew point, water vapor concentration as well as other useful statistics to simplify analysis. For additional custom analysis, the data can be quickly exported into a MS Excel® spreadsheet with the click of a button.