RFCurrent2000A Wireless Data Logger

Two-way Wireless DC Current Data Logger with LCD

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Product Description

The RFCurrent2000A is a wireless data logger with LCD display, designed to measure and record DC current signals. The data logger can connect directly to low-level DC current sources which makes it ideal for (PV) Photovoltaic research to monitor current sourced from solar cells over time, battery usage studies, energy monitoring studies and other DC current monitoring applications. The RFCurrent2000A can also be interfaced with a wide range of current output sensors such as flow meters, pH transmitters and more. Through the MadgeTech software, the device can be programmed with engineering units, which convert the current readings into a different unit of measure, such as flow rate. The engineering unit is available for display on the LCD screen as well as within the software. The RFCurrent2000A is available in 20 mA, 160 mA or a 3 A measurement range.

The RFCurrent2000A can be used as a single, wireless data logging system, or can be expanded to a large scale system, which can include hundreds of data loggers measuring different parameters such as temperature, humidity and more (additional MadgeTech wireless data loggers and transceivers may be required). The RFCurrent2000A utilizes the latest MadgeTech 4 Software. Data can be viewed in graphical or tabular formats and summary and statistics views are available for further analysis. The software features export to Excel