The LF101A is a data logging system to measure and record leaf wetness. Includes declaration of conformance.

Product Description

The LF101A Includes:
(1) Bridge101A: Bridge Data Logger
(1) Leaf Wetness Sensor
(1) Waterproof Enclosure

The LF101A is a complete data logging system that accurately measures and records leaf wetness. The sensor responds to environments the same way a real leaf does. It not only records the presence of water, but also logs the amount of water and detects when ice is present.

This device has a storage capacity of up to 2,064,384 readings and features a multiple start/stop function for either a manual or delayed start. Data from the logger is retrieved using the IFC200 Data Logger Interface to download the data to the MadgeTech 4 Software. Graphical, tabular, and summary data is provided for analysis and can be viewed as customizable engineering units.

LF101A Data Sheet
LF101A Product User Guide